YAY!! It's Time For Your Event.

To access the facility, give us a call and we will be out to open up for you.
If for some reason we are not around we will provide you with an access code.
Contact Us

Highspeed Internet -
Password: 9099347581

Locking Door

On the inside door handle, there is a lock button. Press lock to lock the door. Be sure to ensure you have removed all your belongings before you leave. If you get locked out. Call or Text 909-451-9964 for an access code.

Air Conditioning

On the right-hand side toward the windows along the brick wall there is a thermostat. Due to the many parties that have set the temperature too low we have set a protective box around it.

The lowest we set the temperature is to 68 Degrees to avoid the a/c from freezing over. If you need the thermostat set warmer send us a text and we will remotely set the temperature to a desirable setting.

In the summer months, we turn on the a/c on before the heat of the date for you. We encourage you to keep the doors and windows closed to keep the cool inside.

Hue Lighting

Download two apps to your Smart Phone.
1. Hue
2. Onswitch

1. Log on to the Wifi
2. Open Hue App
3. Connect to the bridge- the app will guide you.
Locate the hue bridge below the neon clock in the back kitchen area.
4. Tap Bridge to connect app to wifi
5. Once connected to the Hue app, open the Onswitch app
6. Follow instructions to connect to the hue bridge.

Once connected utilize one or both apps to control the lights as you wish.
Have Fun.

Note: The hue light remote, light switch, is at the top of the stairs to the right of entry.
You may utilize to dim lights or change between normal light color temperature.

Clean Up

We ask that chairs and tables are set aside as you arrived and that all trash is double bagged. Be sure to take all your belongings. If anything is left behind we will be sure to contact you. Thank you.

House Rules

No Smoking ($500 Charge)
No Glitter or Confetti ($500 Charge)
No Roof Access

We encourage all guest to wear a mask.

Have FUN!!!

Refer to the invoice/contract for additional details.

Bluetooth Speaker

The name of the bluetooth speaker is ``Block Rocker``
The speaker can appear on when off, so make sure the speaker is on if you're experiencing an issue. The on switch in on the top back left of the speaker. Keep speaker plugged in to avoid losing power.


Our oven is free to use. Be aware that we do not have any smoke ventilation installed in the building. We mainly installed the stove to keep food warm and for light cooking. We recommend opening the windows to ventilate the heat. Note: The fire extinguisher is next to the bathroom door. Happy Eats!