5 Ways To Party During Covid.

If you were to sit down and take stock of how your life has changed since the first announcement of the Coronavirus pandemic, you would likely find that your plans have been completely thrown off. You are not alone. All over the world, people have had their plans derailed.

Who would’ve thought that we wouldn’t be able to host a birthday party the way we intended, celebrate graduation with friends, or have the grand wedding you spent months meaningfully planning? Many of us have felt disheartened having to suspend these memorable occasions because of health and safety measures following the pandemic closures.

While some have postponed plans until further notice, others have found alternative ways to celebrate special occasions. It’s impossible to not feel disappointed with the uncertainty around your event. We want you to have a memorable celebration during these times even though it may different than your initial plan.

To show you that we are thinking about you, we have put together some ideas to help you celebrate life’s precious moments:

1. Celebrate in Wide, Open Spaces

Social distancing is a major concern right now when it comes to hosting any type of get-together. You want to minimize putting your guests, family, and friends at risk by having a house party, we understand that.

If space is an issue try minimizing your guest count so you can accommodate social distancing.  Do you or a family member have a large front lawn or backyard? You can decorate your lawn for your kid’s birthday or have a close family sing a birthday song while social distancing in the lawn. You can even have an intimate church or court ceremony with a toast in the backyard. Having your friends celebrate with you from a distance will feel way more fun in person than over the phone or computer. You can even have a drive-through celebration where friends and family drive by your house, wish you a happy birthday, and toss gifts on your lawn if that works for the nature of the presents.

2. Host a Virtual Party

Now we understand that you may not have much space or your family might live far away. Your next plan could be a virtual party. Video conferencing apps have become more popular than ever and it’s not just for business meetings. Many people have celebrates weddings and birthdays via video conferencing applications like Zoom, Jitsi, and Google Hangout. All things considered, it’s not that bad.

You can have your friends and family sing happy birthday for your partner or child via Zoom. Get everyone to decorate their background and grab a glass of wine to toast. Many birthday activities can still be carried out over video chat, especially the embarrassing childhood stories from different relatives!

3. Make Your Anniversary Memorable

You might not be able to go to that nice restaurant you planned for your anniversary, but that doesn’t mean the day has to be any less special. Go all out to celebrate indoors! Decorate your house, make a nice dinner, put on your favorite playlist, and spend some valuable time with your partner. You could remind yourselves of all the things you have been through together and make promises for the next year. If that sounds a little underwhelming, spice it up with some fun games or a pillow fort. There’s nothing like revisiting childhood memories with your partner. 

You also don’t have to leave friends and family out if you planned on having a party . Get your friends to send you letters or text messages talking about their favorite

memories of you both, sharing pictures they may have of you, or throwing in some

marriage advice for the coming year. Read the letters or messages with your partner while having a quiet night and write replies if you want to. You can also write and exchange letters with your partner and tell them everything you love about them. You can even customize a “What I Love About You” book by Knock Knock. The most important thing is that you both have each other.

4. Celebrate A Graduation

You don’t get to graduate every year, so you can’t afford to not celebrate such a memorable milestone. So here’s what you can do if you, child, or family member is graduating:

Take some quarantined graduation pictures! Take a walk to a park or set up an indoor photoshoot. Get dressed and throw a party with your household, bake a graduation cake, and take some photos on your phone to remember. Graduating students can also celebrate via social media by creating a virtual party with some friends, post their best wishes for classmates, and even celebrate with your school with a hashtag. It’s a special moment so clap and whistle up a storm.

5. Expect What’s Coming!

We know that these ideas may not cut it. You may really want a traditional party, wedding reception, birthdays, and anniversary parties. The good news is that as a private event space we can accommodate small gatherings. With that in mind, we are beginning booking. We know how important it is for you to mark milestones in the best way possible, so we have put safety measures in place to make it possible. 

Here’s what we can offer here at the Electric Loft:

  • A beautiful, spacious hall to celebrate while social distancing. Our venue is 1900 square feet.
  • Hand sanitizing stations, as well as handwash areas. 
  • We have doubled up on our cleaning of chairs and tables to ensure safety.
  • We have limited our maximum capacity to 40 guests to allow adequate social distancing.

Our clients have marked many impressive milestones at the Electric Loft and we hope you can too. We are also open to making other adjustments for your safety and comfort. With stress and attention on social distancing, we are adapting to the new realities as we allow you to make amazing memories at our venue. 

We can’t wait to have you! Electric Loft is continually finding new ways to help you celebrate without having to fear for your health.

Stay safe and stay well!

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