How to have a COVID safe wedding

Over the past year and a half, 63% of engaged couples postponed their wedding because of COVID-19. We can only guess how many other events were canceled in tandem. But as guidelines change in Los Angeles County and beyond, you’re likely wondering if you can finally set a date for your event. 

That’s where we come in. We’ve outlined the best ways to plan a safe event indoors. Follow these steps to throw a great party while keeping safety your top priority.

Planning a COVID-Safe Event

The key to throwing a safe indoor event is planning. Make a thorough event planning checklist first. This should cover all your bases, including the date, location, and budget for your party. 

The more time and detail you put into your plan, the more successful your event will be. And in these times, it’s important to make sure you’ve got every detail in place. 

Consider how your guests will navigate sanitation and personal protection requirements. Will they need to wear masks? Will you offer hand sanitizer or suggest they bring their own?

Get a thorough perspective on your venue’s approach to these issues, too. Will they have additional cleaning services? Are they limiting tables and chairs to allow for social distancing? 

Know the Requirements in Your Area

To help you plan an event during COVID, check with your local city or county guidelines. These will help you determine whether you can use a particular venue. They can also inform how many guests you have as well as what other precautions you have to plan for. 

If your area is still locked down, you’ll have to adjust the date of your event. If masks are required indoors, you’ll have to consider how that will affect your guests. Make sure your event will have adequate ventilation and AC to keep them comfortable.

Inform Guests About Precautions

Now you have your checklist and know what’s expected in your part of town. Let your guests know about the precautions you’ll be taking in advance of your event. To remind yourself, put it on your event planning timeline.

After such a long season of restriction, knowing how to gather again is a question on everybody’s mind. Having a plan in place to inform your guests will give them peace of mind. It will also help them determine whether they feel comfortable attending.

Limit Attendance

To make it simpler and safer for your guests, consider limiting attendance at your event. It’s so tempting to invite everyone you can now that things are opening up! But keep things small for now, especially if you’re in an area where COVID cases are still prevalent.

Ultimately, you want to use your best judgment. Keep the safety of your guests your first priority as you consider who to invite.

Host Your Event in a Large Space

If you are going to host a larger gathering, our easy event planning tip is to find a larger venue. Try picking one that accommodates 25-50% more people than you’re inviting. This will ensure that there’s ample space for people to mingle safely in.

When planning for a larger venue, you’ll have to adjust your budget. But your catering costs will be lower as you limit your guest list. 

Prepackage the Food

Another tip to consider is prepackaging your food. Maybe you’ve deciding to prepare the food yourself! That’s awesome. 

Put it all together in individually-packaged containers for your guests to take. This is especially helpful if you want to avoid food that people share, like a cake. Opt for single-serve options like cupcakes in individual boxes instead.

If you do want to offer self-serve platters, keep extra plastic gloves and hand sanitizer on the table. Encourage your guests to use them before touching any plates or serving utensils. Then, keep a garbage bin at the other end for them to discard their gloves once they’ve got their food.

Offer Personal Protective Equipment

Speaking of gloves, our tip is to have personal protective equipment (PPE) on hand. There’s always a chance that someone will forget their mask, so have some available for their use. 

Having hand sanitizer by tables and near entrances will be key as well. If you can, try to use automatic dispensers. That way, people don’t have to touch them to use them.

Your venue may offer PPE. Or, they may have additional suggestions for how to maintain a high level of sanitation at your event. Always check in with them if you’re looking for other ways to keep your guests safe.

Have a Sanitation Plan

Once you check with your venue, you can hone your sanitation plan. Knowing how to plan an event during COVID means knowing how to get things clean! So consider how the space will be disinfected before your event.

Does your venue offer these services themselves? Or are you expected to do it? Do they provide a custodial team during your event?

It’s helpful to have people who can go around and disinfect as the event is happening. Just make sure it’s handled discreetly and efficiently. 

Make it Fun!

Most of all, make sure your guests have a great time! Throwing a party during COVID will put your event planning skills to the test. But it’s not impossible.

The easier you make it for them to feel safe and welcome, the easier it will be for them to let loose and have fun. And after the year and a half they’ve had, they deserve it!

Find a great DJ or set up fun games they can play while maintaining social distancing. Encourage people to reconnect and relax.

Hosting Events in Los Angeles County

Hosting a safe event during COVID is challenging, especially in places like Los Angeles County. Planning ahead of time will make your events a much bigger success. 

Remember to always check with local guidelines and think through every detail. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Consider what they might think or worry about as they consider attending.

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