How to Prepare for Your Meeting With Your Wedding Planner

Congratulations! One of the most amazing moments in your life is about to take place: your wedding day. Weddings are precious moments that everyone will cherish and remember.

It’s your special day to have everything exactly how you imagined it when you once only dreamed of this moment. Planning a wedding takes a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, which is why it’s always beneficial to hire an event planner.

Your event or wedding planner will help you find the right wedding venue in Los Angeles for your special day. They’ll also help you with all other wedding planning aspects aside from the venue such as the food, music, decorations, and so much more!

How will you know which wedding planner is the right one for your wedding? How can you prepare for your first meeting with your wedding planner?

Continue reading the guide below to learn the answers to these questions and a few others as well.

Selecting a Wedding Planner

You’ll most likely come across many Los Angeles wedding planners. Finding the right Los Angeles wedding planner is essential. There are a few tips to follow to help you find the perfect fit for all your wedding needs.

Here’s what you need to know.

Ask Around

You most likely know several people who’ve been married at least once. A great first step in finding a wonderful wedding planner is asking people you know who they worked with. You can also lookup reviews on the wedding planner’s website and social media pages.

Conduct Research

The next step is to conduct some light research. You won’t need to learn where each wedding planner went to high school, but you might want to know how many years of experience they have planning weddings and other events. You might also want to see photos of past events they planned.

It’s also a good idea to ask them what services they offer to ensure they can meet all your wedding needs.

Schedule a Meeting

Once you’ve found a planner or two who you think you might want to hire, be sure to schedule a meeting. When you have an opportunity to meet with the planner in person, you can ask them questions, get to know them better, and begin to plan your wedding!

Preparing for Your Meeting

Your first meeting with your wedding planner is an exciting time! Everything is starting to feel more and more real as the wedding date quickly approaches. Your wedding planner is the best person to help ensure everything is taken care of while you can turn your attention to other things if needed.

Here’s how you can prepare to meet with your wedding planner.

Create a Vision Board

Have you dreamed of this day for many years? Do you know exactly what you want your wedding to look like? Do you have only a few ideas and need some help putting it all together?

Now is the perfect time to start creating a vision board. You can pull ideas and photos from different websites or apps to put together a vision of what you want your wedding to look like. It doesn’t have to be super organized either.

Paste some images, color schemes, and other fun things to the board to help you and the planner see the bigger picture.

List Your Priorities and Must-Haves

Before you sit down with your planner, do be sure to make a list of all your wedding priorities and must-haves. You may have tons of things you need to have at your wedding in mind, but if you don’t write them down you risk forgetting them at the moment. It’s a good idea to start creating this list now.

As each day passes before you meet with your planner, you can add more items to the list. This will help you have all your ideas put on paper to share with the planner.

Start a Thought-Process Journal

Priorities and must-haves aren’t the only things you want to discuss with your wedding planner. There are going to be many other things you want to discuss with them at the meeting. Anything you have on your mind regarding the wedding, start writing it down in a journal.

You can simply jot down notes, ideas, and anything else you can think of. It’ll help your planner know exactly where your head is at.

Build a Like and Dislike List

If you’ve ever been to a wedding before, then what were some things you liked and disliked about it. For example, did you attend the wedding and loved how the centerpieces looked but didn’t care for how to food was served or how the DJ booth was set up? What about during the actual ceremony?

What were some things you enjoyed about it and some things you would like to do differently? Bring this list to your wedding planner.

Come Prepared to Ask and Answer Questions

Another wonderful list to create before meeting with your planner is a list of questions you want to ask them. Remember, you may have several questions in mind right now that you want to ask, but when it comes time to meet with the planner, will you remember all of them?

Write them down as you think of them so you don’t forget anything. You should also come prepared to answer questions. The wedding planner will need to ask a variety of questions to ensure they get every detail correct.

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