10 Tips on Writing Your Own Wedding Vows


Are you thinking of writing your own wedding vows? It may seem overwhelming, but the heartfelt moment of speaking from your heart is surely worth it. You see, one thing that makes weddings so memorable is the personalization, and the personalization of your vows adds to that. It’s a chance to tell your story and give your guests a glimpse of the love you and your fiancé share. 

Reciting your vows to your partner in front of your family and friends is an intimate moment. Traditional vows are usually structured, but you don’t have to be strict when it comes to your own vows. So how do we get started? Here are some useful tips that will set you on the path of writing heart-warming vows for your wedding. Grab a glass of wine, take a seat, and let’s get started.

Make a List of All Your Thoughts

When it comes to your wedding vows, you don’t have to start writing them straight away. Instead, start by jotting down the things you love about your partner. Next, write down what you’re looking forward to the most in your marriage and what promises you want to make to them. When you’re done, go over your list and highlight your favorites. You can use those as starting points for your vows.

Keep It Meaningful

When it comes to your vows, keep it heartfelt and meaningful. As much as you might want to take ideas you’ve seen online, it’s best to keep them authentic to who you are. You can throw something in there that will make your partner laugh too. Every couple needs to have a good laugh at their wedding day after the stress of wedding planning. Just try to avoid having too many jokes. Balance is key. Make sure to say “I Love You”. As obvious as this sounds, it is possible to forget. Lots of couples do. Those three little words are, however, an essential part of your wedding vows that should not be overlooked.


“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist”

Add That You’ll Be There Through Thick and Thin

Communicating that you’ll be there for your partner through the highs and lows is an integral part of your wedding vows. Traditional vows are pretty strict regarding this clause, including strong words like through sickness and health and for richer or for poorer. You should include this clause in your own way as a part of your personalized vow.

Be Creative

From poetry to spoken word and even songwriting, don’t be afraid to break tradition when it comes to your personalized vows. Find the best creative outlet for you when it comes to expressing your love for your partner and use that. Think spontaneity and romance. What’s something that only you and your partner would understand?

Write Multiple Drafts

Whatever you do, do not binge write your vows on the eve of your wedding day. You need to take a few days or even a week when it comes to writing your vows. Write them down, give them some space, and then go back and reread what you wrote. It would be best if you did this one or two more times to be sure that everything is in order. If you find yourself rereading it and still editing after the third time, you’re probably second-guessing yourself. Continuously rewriting your vows could drive you crazy.

Don’t Try to Include Everything

You won’t be able to include everything, so don’t try to. It’s understandable that you want to add and express everything that you’re feeling. Still, wedding vows should last a maximum of two minutes. As crucial as your promises are, they shouldn’t drag on. We don’t want anyone tuning out during such a beautiful moment.

 Practice Reading Out Loud

When you read something in your head, such as your vows, it is easy for your mind to supply some missing words. To make sure everything is perfect, read it aloud. You’ll catch the spots where your grammar is weird or where you’re missing a word. You’ll also be able to figure out if the structure of your vow is cohesive. This is a tip that many good editors use, and you should too.

Ask A Trusted Friend to Listen and Edit

For this part, you’ll need a trusted friend who is excellent at keeping secrets. They’ll be able to pick out any other few mistakes you still didn’t see, and they can give you constructive criticism. This will help improve your vows and make sure that you are getting your message across correctly. This friend could be your best man or maid of honor if they fit the criteria mentioned above. 

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