Private Event
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Minimum 4 Hours
100 guests
1 Free Set Up Hour
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Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help understand your decision.

What is Max Occupancy?

You’re allowed to host up to 100 guests.  For the best comfort, 75 guests are recommended.

Do you offer free set up time?

We include one Free set up hour.  Please inquire if you need additional time to set up or break down. (Events Only)

What amenities does the loft include?

  • 19 hue RGB light Bulbs
  • Refrigerator (does not have a freezer)
  • Stove & Oven
  • Prep Tables
  • Sink1 Bathroom
  • A/C & Heating
  • Small Speaker.
  • Sanitizer Depseners

Do you allow outside furniture.

To protect the hardwood floors and minimize liability we do not allow outside rentals for tables and chairs.

However, specialty furniture you are allowed, such as a wicker chair, couch, or led cubes, champaign wall, etc.  We just ask that you let us know what you will be providing.

All outside rentals must be coordinated within your event time for drop-off and pick up.

We offer:

  • White Plastic Chairs
  • White Padded Resin Chairs
  • Wood Padded Chairs
  • 6″ Tables
  • 36″ Round Tables
  • 32″ Cocktail Tables
  • Stools
  • Couches

Ask for a special request.

Do you have an elevator?

Unfortunately, we do not. All though it would be ideal, our staircase is grandfathered into the building. The venue is not wheelchair accessible.

The elderly are suggested to utilize the railing and assistance.

Is there adequate parking?

There is free parking along 2nd street.

Guest are also allowed to park at the Memorial Park, close walking distance to the park


Are there any restrictions?

We do not allow the use of Glitter or Confetti.

Events that are open to the public require two security, provided by Electric Loft.  Public Events must qualify.

No smoking.

No roof access.

No Loitering.

No Drinking outside.

How late can I host my event?

Sunday through Friday events must end by 10 pm

Friday & Saturday  events must end by 12 am

Can I bring my own food?

As a private event space, we allow you to provide your own food and beverages.

You are allowed beer, wine, and champaign.  However any hard liquor we require you to have a Licensed and insured bartender.

You can always ask about our preferred vendor list.

Can I utilize my own vendors?

You are allowed to provide your own vendors. We do require that your vendor provide insurance.

Contact us if you need a vendor recommendation.

Do you require insurance?

Yes, all events require insurance. 

We recommend  Utilizing You can purchase 3rd party Day-of Insurance to protect your event in case of any liability.

Vendors must provide Electric Loft with a copy of insurance as well.

Events that have not purchased insurance are subject to cancelation.

What precautions are you taking to be Covid-19 safe?

New guidelines require event spaces to post signs that request guests to leave if they are sick.

We have installed antibacterial hand soap dispensers in the bathroom and kitchen.  We have also installed sanitizer dispenser at the entrance and top of the stairs for comfort.

After each event, our venue, chairs & tables are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with an anti-viral cleaning agent.