Invited Guests

There will be a maximum of 100 people in the space allowed. The guests of the event will be invited by Lessee. All guests will RSVP with Lessee. This event is not open to the public. Lessee is responsible for all conduct of its guests and occupants during the rental period listed. Lessee takes full responsibility for the conduct and damage, if any, of its guests.


Lessee, their agents, employees, invitees, and/or contractors, are advised to have insurance to protect their event. If Lessee gets insurance, it shall include “Electric Loft” located at 543 W 2nd street, Pomona, CA 91766 as an additional insured. If you don’t have insurance, companies such as ‘The Event helper” at provide great reasonable rates for insurance.


Lessee will be liable for any physical damages, legal actions, and/or loss of reputation or business opportunities that Lessor may incur as a consequence of the actions of Lessee or any of Lessee’s guests while Lessee is in control of the venue, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor against any and all legal actions which may arise from Lessee’s use of the venue.


If Lessee stays overtime, Lessor will charge for overtime use in 30-minute increments. 30 minutes will be billed at $100, a full hour will be $200.00


Alcohol is not permitted unless provided by a licensed bartender to serve alcohol at this event. All persons must be 21 years of age or older. All alcohol must be consumed inside the property.


No Smoking

Lessee agrees that lessor has a zero-tolerance smoking policy and that any sign of smoking will result in $500.00 charge.

No Confetti or Glitter

Lessee shall not dispense glitter or confetti on-premises. Confetti may be allowed based on authorization lessor if an unauthorized finding of glitter or confetti is found of premises lessee will incur a $500 charge.


Lessee understands that music is not allowed to be played after 10 pm Monday through Sunday, with the exception of Friday and Saturday by 12 am. Lessee agrees to respect the neighborhood sound ordinance. Any music played loudly past respectable hours will incur a $200 charge.

“As-Is” Condition

Lessee agrees to accept the venue in its “as-is” condition “with all faults”.

The condition of Premises.

Lessee shall return the premise to Lessor at the end of the license and the event, in the same condition as Lessee received the premises.


If any damage occurs to the venue, or if any repairs or replacements need to be made to the venue as a result of Lessee’s exercise of its rights under this Rental Agreement, Lessee shall pay Lessor for any such damage, repairs, or replacements upon demand by Lessor.

Assignment and Subleasing

Lessee shall not assign any interest in this Rental Agreement or otherwise transfer or sublicense the venue or any part thereof or permit the use of the venue to any party other than Lessee.

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